Unmasking a glorious you.

Glorio was founded on basis of three key values:

  • to promote habits that keep us feeling amazing and healthy,
  • to foster a respect for our fellow human beings in our communities and, 
  • to be sensitive to how we can do small things, that collectively have a massively positive impact on our environment.

As such, our founders wanted to create a brand that not only delivers world class, science-led skincare treatments, but also goes further than any brand before us to remove plastic from our ecosystem. Finally, we wanted to create a brand that makes products that support the positive practices of mental serenity, sharing and caring within our communities. 

With over 50 years’ combined experience working in some of the world’s most iconic brands in beauty like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Bath and Body Works, Dollar Shave Club, Bellami Hair, Charlotte Tilbury & Pat McGrath, our founders have witnessed first-hand the excessive use of plastic in the cosmetic industry. This usage has contributed to global warming, degradation of wildlife habitats, and massive waste.

To begin, our team spent years exploring packaging solutions to completely remove plastic from our footprint. But, along the way we learned a lot more about the evils of plastic.

  • Plastic & Waste. Plastic is itself environmental waste, but the average plastic bottle still contains up to 25% unused of product that you paid for but could not effectively eject from the bottle.
  • Product Degradation. Once you open that bottle or tube, your product comes into contact with air and starts to oxidize which causes it to degrade. Some products can degrade by as much as 75% in 6 months!
  • Bacteria. Plastic packaging does a poor job preventing bacteria from entering your products via the air, your fingers or even that clean cloth you use. 

With our quest for a plastic-free world further complicated by the additional challenges of improving product effectiveness and product hygiene, we finally landed on a platform we could really embrace. Welcome to single-dose treatments!

Our single-dose treatment platform solves the triple problems of (i) plastic waste, (ii) degrading product effectiveness and (iii) the impact of bacteria on hygiene.

We have subsequently embraced a more complex, expensive, and comprehensive packaging solution that a big Pharma would probably shy away from because plastic is so much cheaper.

All our treatments are designed to be opened and used in one go. The benefits of this to our customers are enormous. 

  • No waste. Each treatment is individually wrapped, sealed and filled with the perfect amount for one use. 
  • Fully recyclable. Each treatment is made with recycled material and itself is 100% recyclable. No packaging waste and no product waste.
  • Maximum freshness. Each treatment, being fully sealed, prevents the possibility of bacterial contamination or efficacy degradation. 

Some of the delightful additional attributes of this system is that our treatments are tailor made for mobility and travel. This is also the first time you can literally share your product with your friends. Sharing is caring.

For our first product range, our R&D team carefully developed science-led formulations based on four ethically sourced, Brazilian clays that come in different, natural colors, each influenced by their prevailing mineral content.

By formulating around the unique strengths of each clay, we were able to deliver highly targeted solutions for most skin types and all skin moods. This is in stark contrast to most one-size-fits-all clay masks.

Glorio’s mission is to unmask a glorious you. We love the irony of creating a mask to unmask, but we really wanted to celebrate you, in your natural world with your best skin being clean and healthy.

We know skin is only part of the journey. Exercise, diet and mental serenity all play their part but, in that ecosystem, we want to play our part and give you the best products so you can feel and be amazing.